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Raising the bar

Goals are my fuel. If I have a bar to hit I may fall short, but if I have a moment of freedom I will likely sit still. Starting a blog and making this public is my way of driving myself to do more and be better.

So what am I doing to raise the bar?

I'm constantly trying to balance improving my craft and artistry with the needs of running a business (i.e., revenue). Maybe I'll write more about that later.

But for the moment I have a different topic on my mind. Several businesses donate a portion of proceeds to causes that align with their values. From day 1, I've been itching to start this practice. Of course, the practice laughs in the face of profits that would certainly benefit me at this early stage, but I tend to thrive under pressure and deadlines so maybe, just maybe, starting regular donations will drive me to make even more sales -- now that sales will impact communities about which I care deeply.

Gotta try to see how it impacts me, so here goes.

For the month of March I pledge to donate 5% of proceeds to Oregon Environmental Council (OEC).

The OEC team were many of the first to vocally support my pottery, but far more importantly, their efforts keep me inspired that people are still doing the detailed work to listen and drive change for a better, healthier future for all Oregonians. Thank you, OEC team!!

To be clear, this donation will be separate and in addition to my commitment to donate a portion of my kicker. If you want to support OEC but don't want any pottery, that's cool too. It's a great organization. Hope we can all raise the bar together!

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