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It's my nature

Have you heard the one about the scorpion and the frog? I looked it up before writing this blog and I guess the moral is much darker than I grew up believing. Yes, yes, I know they die at the end, but I always saw the statement of "It's my nature" as a broader statement, not merely limited to vicious hurt of others. And you're on my blog, so I'm hoping you'll come along with me on this ride. nature is about doing it all. I wanted to learn pottery, I wanted to start a business, I want to try different types of pottery, I want to learn about what it takes to run a studio, I want to maintain my non-profit involvement, I want to play softball, I want to support our local little leaguers, I want to be a great daughter, in-law and granddaughter, I want to run faster, I want to get PRs on mountain OCR races, I want to prep for my first trail-only 50k, I want to relax, I want to have fantastic grammar and I want to end this run-on sentence. And I AM. I am doing it all. I am also running a teensy bit ragged right now.

So maybe I'm not vicious, but maybe I am hurting myself? OR maybe this is what drives me.

I'm kind of hoping this is a nod back to a corporate lesson. I started as an eager beaver and switched teams and divisions like I was still on a semester program in college. Then I got frustrated because other folks who stayed on the same team, with the same projects got promoted faster than me. At first. Then once I hit a certain level, promotions came more quickly than even I hoped.

Shortly before the excitement of promotions I was super stressed and seeking the 'best' path. I sought advice from a mentor and got this gem, "Pick something interesting; when you look back, you'll realize that was your path." Thanks, Mary. With your words of wisdom I'll follow my nature and stay the course of forging my own path. Someday, I'll find where I am and realize it's exactly where I was headed.

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