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Played with wavy carving for waves in this stormy sunset mug. The handle also has more of a tentacle feel.


My goal is to make drinking from these mugs feel like a warm hug. Even though the handle gives plenty of room to hold a steaming hot mug with safety, my favorite way to hold it is with two fingers in the handle, another in between waves and my pinky on the bottom. I keep the mug a bit thicker so that it's possible to hold this way for longer. (I also recommend that you pre-warm your mug with a small amount of hot water to keep your drink warm for longer.)


Besides the overall shape and warmth, the texture within the waves makes the experience even more sensory. I've also been experimenting with a drinking lip that just kisses your lips as you tilt the mug to drink.


If you buy this mug and try it out, I would be very curious to hear how it works for you! 

cloudy day waves mug


Handwash recommended.

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